Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the 99 Names of Allah

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This book takes the reader into the heart of the mystery of the 99 sacred Names of Allah. It is a vehicle for understanding the infinite nature of God, and for discovering the divine potential in every soul. It is also a guidebook for progressing through the stages of the spiritual path and an instruction manual for teachers on how to work with students more wisely, as physicians of the heart.

In the process of this voyage to discovery, the reader is systematically exposed to the universal mysticism encoded in the Qur'an and in the classical Sufi traditions, as well as to a modern psychological approach that works with the 99 Names to achieve individuation and wholeness.

Publisher: Sufi Ruhaniat International
Publish Date: September 01, 2011
Pages: 412
Dimensions: 8.3 X 1.5 X 10.0 inches
Language: English
Type: Paperback

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