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About Daybreak Press

Mission: Daybreak Press Global Bookshop & Gathering Space creates a platform for
education, activism, and positive community experiences in Minnesota.

With a focus on faith, social justice, and women’s empowerment, we provide books from
around the world as well as space for community gatherings, events, and regular programming.

To learn more about Daybreak's services, events, and activities, download our brochure here.

Daybreak Press Global Bookshop & Gathering Space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, first opened our doors in September of 2014. Originally located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN, we moved to our new location on Washington Avenue in November of 2015 and entered another era of growth. The new location, just off the Green Line and conveniently located on the University of Minnesota campus, is a hub of activity, activism, and positive social engagement. We have doubled our bookshelf space and now provide a private and public space for groups to reserve for meetings, events, or other activities. Based on the theory of a third space, Daybreak aims to provide a safe and positive space for engagement with each other and the outside world as well as for personal growth.
Daybreak Bookshop is a project of Rabata, an international 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to promoting positive cultural change through individual empowerment, the spiritual upbringing of women by women, and the revival of the female voice in scholarship. Today Rabata offers educational programming and a safe haven of personal growth for an expanding network of diverse women; Daybreak is currently the active headquarters for the organization.

Learn more about Rabata at rabata.org.
Other Rabata projects:

Daybreak Press, our very own publishing company, formed in 2014 as a means of giving rise to women’s voices. It provides a platform for female writers to enrich the world one story at a time, by promoting their voices in literary and scholarly works that are sound, inspirational, and socially conscious.
Ribaat Academic Program, found online at rabata.org/ribaat, a four-level online program that brings college-level Islamic learning to women across the world. With interactive online classes, homework assignments, research papers and tests, the program is designed to provide women with a solid foundation in the Islamic sciences.
Project Lina, a 9-session workshop for Muslim female converts to Islam. The three main components of the workshop – Know Yourself, Declare Independence, and Tend Your Ties – are representative of some of the issues and problems Muslim converts deal with in today’s world. The workshop involves discussions about issues of culture, creed, and connections with family, friends and community.
Circles of Light, a program which encourages women to form community bonds and grow in the shelter of each other through worship.