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Sharia Wa Minhaa-Jaa - Islamic Law

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This book, Sharia wa Minhaa-jaa-Islamic Law, was written for two reasons. Firstly, this book is to give the broader society a clear picture of Al Islam so they can see for themselves that all our faiths are the same. The Ten Commandments of biblical scripture is right in tune with what I read in the Holy Quran. Although our rituals may be different, our faith is one.

Secondly, this book will clear up a lot of political controversy because it is based primarily on the Quran itself. Many politicians use sharia to put fear into the hearts of the people. This book removes any doubt that Al Islam is the religion of peace.

By: Imam Yahya Shabaaz

Pages: 227

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Xlibris

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