Walking in The Alps

ISBN: 9781566563437

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Iconic peaks reflected in tranquil mountain lakes, sweeping hillsides blanketed in wild flowers and dramatic, sprawling glaciers characterize the Alps. Discover why this mighty range, the birthplace of modern mountain walking has enthralled walkers for centuries.


  • Detailed descriptions of 47 walks in the Austrian, French, German, Italian, Slovenian and Swiss Alps.
  • Feature coverage of multicountry megawalks, Tour du Mont Blanc and Walkers' Haute Route.
  • Two-color maps for every walk.
  • Step-by-step introduction to walk-climb hybrid via ferrata
  • Inside information on walkers' accommodation, transport, gear and safety.
  • Language section for French, German, Italian and Slovene.

by Kev Reynolds

Binding: Paperback

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