Spontaneous Happiness Tool Kit

ISBN: 9781604077933

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Just as the body is designed to heal itself, says Dr. Andrew Weil, so too are we "wired" for emotional well-being.

For anyone facing depression, anxiety, or just wanting more joy in their lives, Dr. Weil and his colleagues are ready to help. This complete stand-alone program includes:

. Breathing techniques for emotional calm and resilience
. Brain training for focused attention-a state present in our happiest moments 
. Methods to foster gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion- beneficial to physical and emotional health
. Mantra meditation to break out of worry
. Music recommended by Dr. Weil to promote relaxation
. Guided imagery to shift awareness toward optimism and possibility, and many other practices
. A 52-page guide and 25 Spontaneous Happiness cards

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