Sharafuddin Maneri: The Hundred Letters

ISBN: 9780809122295

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Introduction and translation by Paul Jackson, S.J and foreword by Bruce Lawrence.

Known as "The Spiritual Teacher of the Realm," Maneri is venerated as one of the most famous Islamic saints. This Sufi master was born in Bengal in Northeast India where he lived, taught, and founded the Firdausiya order of Bihar. These letters were written to the Governor of Chausa in Western Bihar as a basic presentation of his teachings for spiritual advancement. Dr. Bruce Lawrence in his foreword says of the letters that "they are unrivaled - and cannot be surpassed - as an invitation to experience the Sufi Way as a Sufi master experienced and described it, to join him in the endless struggle which has been ordained for man alone in the whole created order, to seek perfection while clinging to the pain of love."

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