National Geographic Traveler: India, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781426211836

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Off-the-Beaten-Path Excursions

Insider Tips-Not-To-Be- Missed Lists. Authentic Experiences

This gorgeously illustrated guide deftly escorts readers to India's most popular sites--the Taj Majal, the pink sandstone city of Jaipur, and the water palaces of Udaipur, to name a few. The guide covers the country in full, from the capital city of Delhi to the far reaches of the subcontinent, including Rajasthan, the Deccan, Goa, and the Himilaya. Special tours and not-to-miss lists, such as a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi and a drive through colonial Mumbai, provide an intimate glimpse of daily life. An extensive review of the country's vast history and rich culture leads the guide, while detailed sidebars throughout delve into India's heart and soul, exploring such diverse topics as Indian marriages, palace hotels, Mahatma Gandhi, and Indian spices. The guide contains three-dimensional floor plans and detailed architectural drawings, plus indispensable regional and neighborhood maps and practical information on how to get around the country, handpicked hotels and restaurants, and selective activities and entertainment options.

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