27 Easy College Cookbook Recipes for Busy Students

ISBN: 978-1489554789

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by Diana K. Bricker

RECIPES DO NOT HAVE TO BE HARD! With 27 Easy College Cookbook Recipes for Busy Students, you can dine in, impress a friend, prepare for a party, or whatever your imagination can cook up! With the infamous “freshman fifteen” plaguing students from late night meals to constant quick-service options, using 27 Easy College Cookbook Recipes for Busy Students can entice your palate to think wisely about your food options. From healthy vegetarian choices to scrumptious desserts, you can indulge OR use low fat ideas from the book and eat affordably on a college budget. When invited to potlucks or organization gatherings, these recipes offer a great complement to any festivity. EXAMPLE RECIPES include: Waffle Fruit Pizza, Beer Cheese Soup, Chicken Marengo, Appetizer Pizza, Cucumber Pasta Salad (vegetarian), Black Bean Potato Skins, Touchdown Turtle Brownie Sundaes, and a variety of others—including a bonus BBQ chicken recipe! After years of professional catering work and designing recipes in Wyoming and South Dakota, author Diana Bricker put together a delectable menu for her son Alex when he began his undergraduate studies. It was originally compiled into a binder. They are now organized and published for personal use! The recipes have carried Alex through college ever since. It truly gives Diana joy to serve others and offer her heart of hospitality with family, friends, and just about anyone who drops by her door! Sincerely, Diana K. Bricker and son Alex Bricker

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