Brian Coyle Community Center Donation Drive

Donate books to serve young readers of the Cedar-Riverside community in Minneapolis!
The Brian Coyle Community Center, located in the heart of the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood of Minneapolis, serves over 7,000 children and community members each year. Brian Coyle provides culturally relevant programming spanning from out-of-school activities to senior services to hosting countless community and political events, all while promoting social and economic equality.
Unfortunately, Brian Coyle doesn't have the books or materials to properly serve the young readers who frequent the center. At last count, there were about 1800 children in the neighborhood, but no library within easy walking or commuting distance. In addition, the few books Brian Coyle has are not culturally relevant to the East African and Muslim children, their main demographic.
The following list, created by an AmeriCorps Public Allies group working with Brian Coyle, is a wishlist that will bring culturally-relevant reading material to the young readers of Cedar-Riverside for years to come. Donate now, and donate the joy of reading to the community!

**Please note that the list is not visible using the Safari browser. If you are using Safari, trying using Google Chrome, Firefox, or others.