The Size of a Mustard Seed by Umm Juwayriyah

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Author: Umm Juwayriyah

It's a new era of fiction; Urban Islamic Fiction that is! Stepping up out into the spotlight is Jameelah Salih. Jameelah is a 27-year-old Muslim woman born to what appears to be one of the inner-city's stronger blended American Muslim families. She works as a hair stylist with her two best friends in the city's only Muslim women's owned and operated hair salon, Covered Pearls. On appearance and material possessions alone Jameelah seems to be doing big things; she has a loving family, owns a fly car, she has her own apartment and she's not too far off from getting her second degree. What most don't know is that she is one traffic jam away from losing control of her life. Being a single Muslim woman isn't easy plus post 9/11 stresses still seem to haunt her. Jameelah prays for a change, but what will she do if change actually comes? When a prominent Imam proposes marriage to Jameelah she feels as if it's the blessing that she has been waiting for from Allah. She knows marrying him will change her life, but when an unexpected family crisis erupts and secrets are exposed, Jameelah is forced to make hard choices and put her complete faith in the only One unable to break it.


Pages: 340

Publisher: As Sabr Publications (April 24, 2013)

Binding Paperback

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