Soldier of the Cuban Revolution

ISBN: 9781604880311

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The author recounts his experiences over five decades of the revolution. From a teenage combatant in the clandestine struggle and 1956–58 war that brought down the US-backed dictatorship, to serving three times as a leader of the Cuban volunteer forces that helped Angola defeat the army of white-supremacist South Africa, Zayas tells how he and other ordinary men and women in Cuba changed the course of history and, in the process, transformed themselves as well. 

The book’s strength rests … on Zayas’s ability to present an account of the revolution through the eyes of someone who played a significant role in its initiation and consolidation."—Bulletin of Latin American Research

"The book is a valuable source as it retells a part of Cuba’s history rarely known in the US.… Recommended for public and academic libraries."—REFORMA Newsletter online review of the Spanish edition.

Introduction by Mary-Alice Waters, photos, index, maps.

By Luis Alfonso Zayas

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 202
Publisher: Pathfinder Press



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