Amazons! Women Warriors of the World

ISBN: 9781845076603

Powerful women may be given short shrift in history books, but the world's folklore is filled with tales of their heroic exploits. Durga the Demon-Slayer, Al-Datma of Egypt, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, are just a few of the legendary women who leapt over limits and fought to win. Their stories and others are told in Amazons! Collected from all over the world, these exciting tales feature women warriors who kill dragons, travel to the Northern Lights, slay demons, and learn that warrior skills are worthless without love. Compellingly related by acclaimed storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton, these tales demonstrate that being an Amazon isn't so much about physical strength as it is about courage, skill, imagination, and kindness. Sophie Herxheimer's vibrant artwork is the perfect match for these soul-stirring stories, and her illustrations reflect the variegated cultures represented in these here. Action pages offer ideas and advice on how to become a 21st-century Amazon.

By Sally Pomme Clayton
Illustrated by Sophie Herxheimer



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