Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey through Carbon Country

ISBN: 9781603585453

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A practical understanding of the natural carbon cycle is essential to removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere: this book by Courtney White asserts, explains, and elaborates upon this premise. The author writes for a general audience, avoiding unnecessary technicalities. At the start, White introduces the idea that livestock--cattle and sheep in particular--is the essential and often missing link in our relationship with the carbon cycle. In arguing for cows, he lays the foundation for related permacultural intelligence. White profiles successful pioneers in the areas of biodiesel fuel, no-till agriculture, online networks Farm Hack and Public Lab, soil science, and cover crops. He spends time with a rancher and his mixed population of cows and sheep, called a "flerd." He believes in the importance of his insights, and runs an organization called the Quivira Coalition dedicated to spreading them and building economic and ecological resilience far and wide.

By Courtney White

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 244
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company



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