Fraser's Penguins: Warning Signs from Antarctica

ISBN: 9781250002631

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Called "exceptionally poignant" by Nature magazine, Fen Montaigne's sensitive and timely account of five months in Antarctica gives a taste of the global changes that will soon arrive in our own backyards. Scientist Bill Fraser has devoted three decades to Antarctica, and in that time this breathtaking region has warmed faster than any place on earth, with profound consequences for the Ad̩lies, the classic tuxedoed penguin that is dependent on sea ice to survive.

During the Antarctic spring and summer of 2005-2006, author Fen Montaigne spent five months working on Fraser's field team, and he returned with a moving tale that chronicles the beauty of the wildest place on earth, the lives of the beloved Ad̩lies, the saga of the discovery of the Antarctic Peninsula, and the story - told through Fraser's work - of how rising temperatures are swiftly changing this part of the world. It's Montaigne's "descriptive prowess, his ability to evoke lavender and cobalt, magenta and violet without waxing purple, that most impresses" (New York Times Book Review) as he chronicles the penguins' plight, which is also our own.

by Fen Montaigne



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