The White Nights of Ramadan

ISBN: 9781590785232

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Mid-Ramadan is a special time. Noor lives in a country near the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. She's looking forward to the festival known as Girgian that comes in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. These middle days are known as "the three whites," because they include the day of the full moon, the day before, and the day after. It's a time when children, dressed in traditional clothes, go from house to house collecting treats from their neighbors. When Noor sees the full moon rising, signaling the coming of Girgian, she and her brothers prepare for the fun. Together, they decorate the bags they'll carry to collect the candies. But along with the fun, Noor remembers the true meaning of Ramadan: spending time with family and sharing with those less fortunate.

"Recounts a Kuwaiti family's celebration of Girgian, a lesser-known tradition observed in many Perian Gulf countries...This picture book make an excellent introduction to this Muslim celebration." -Kirkus Reviews

by Maha Addasi
Illustrated by Ned Gannon



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