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In the Company of Scholars - a Commentary on al-Nawawī's Forty Ḥadīth

$16.00 USD

This book is a concise yet comprehensive commentary on al-Nawawī's Forty Ḥadīth focusing on the meanings, lessons, and benefits of each narration. Imām al-Nawawī’s (r) collection of forty ḥadīth, which actually consists of forty two ḥadīth, is perhaps the most widely studied ḥadīth collection across the Muslim world. It is taught and studied in Islamic schools, seminaries, universities, and hadīth gatherings across all academic traditions and throughout every Muslim community. The wide acceptance of this compilation and the fact that it is still being studied today is a testimony to the sincerity, hard work, and dedication of its author. In this work, Imām al-Nawawī (r) selected those narrations that he felt covered the most fundamental concepts of faith and religion.

Publisher: Institute of Knowledge Press 

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