Adventure Sites of the World

ISBN: 9788174367457

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Adventure travel is a fast-growing trend all over the world, with vacationers questing for more and more exciting ways to experience the limits of their dare-devilry in the remotest reaches of the earth's jungles, seas and mountains. Whether it's snorkelling in the Galapagos Islands, cross-country cycling around Ireland, heli-skiing in the Himalayas or leaping off a bridge in New Zealand, there's an adventure waiting in every corner of the world. Perfect for both the seasoned traveller and the amchair dreamer, Adventure Sites of the World takes you to twenty-five thrilling adventure destinations on six continents, complete with information about when and how to get there, the activities available for a range of ages and interests, their phyical demands, and links to the most relevant websites. Gorgeous photos of extraordinary wildlife, awe-inspiring feats and the world's best beaches perfectly complement the vivid prose. You've imagined yourself river-rafting in Ladakh or climbing Mt Eerest for years, but this book will inspire you to experience the exhilarating exploits of your dreams.

by Ranee Sahaney

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 144



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