Revolution, Internationalism, and Socialism: The Last Year of Malcolm X

ISBN: 9781604880052

Malcolm X had long been an uncompromising opponent of imperialist oppression, exploitation, and degradation. During the last year of his life, he also became an outspoken opponent of capitalism. Malcolm’s last year illustrates how, in the imperialist epoch, revolutionary leadership of the highest political capacity, courage, and integrity converges with communism. That truth has even greater weight today as billions around the world, in city and countryside, from China to Brazil, are being hurtled into the modern class struggle by the violent expansion of world capitalism.

Also includes:

  • The Clintons’ Antilabor Legacy: Roots of the 2008 World Financial Crisis
  • The Stewardship of Nature Also Falls to the Working Class
  • Setting the Record Straight on Fascism and World War II: Building a World Federation of Democratic Youth that Fights Imperialism and War

Introduction by Steve Clark, photos, charts, notes, index.

by Jack Barnes



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