The Joys of Motherhood

ISBN: 9780807616239

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A feminist literary classic by one of Africa’s greatest women writers, re-issued with a new introduction by Stéphane Robolin.

First published in 1979, this is the story of Nnu Ego, a Nigerian woman struggling in a rapidly chaining patriarchal society. After being cast away from her first marriage when she fails to conceive, Nnu moves to the modern city of Lago, just before World War II, where her dream of becoming a mother is fulfilled. As her family of eight grows, the values of her tribe, her people, and her country undergo bewildering changes, ultimately leaving her bereft of the pleasure that traditionally would be accorded her as a mother. Nnu must fiercely protect herself and her children as she finds herself abandoned by both her husband and her culture.
Buchi Emecheta has long been hailed as one of the greatest women writers from Africa. Of Ibuza parentage, she was born near Lagos, Nigeria and later moved to England, where she lives today. She is the author of numerous novels including the The Bride Price, The Rape of Shavi, and Second Class Ctitzen.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224

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