Nelson Mandela Speaks

ISBN: 9780873487740

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"Let us reconstruct South Africa in the vision of the Freedom Charter, as a country that belongs to all its people, black and white." -Nelson Mandela, February 1993

In February 1990 Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in apartheid's prisons; the 30-year ban on the African National Congress was lifted.

This book - in Mandela's own words - tells the story of the revolutionary struggles that have brought South Africa to the threshold of a political and social transformation. In speeches and interviews since 1990 - presented to audiences from Soweto to Cape Town; from the United States to Cuba, Britain, and Sweden - Mandela explains how the racist government was forced to bow to demands for the first one-person, one-vote nonracial elections in South African history.

In an effort to block a giant step toward democracy, the white minority regime and ultra rightist forces are resorting to bloody terror and intimidation. But Mandela explains why no one can close the doors being opened to equality in all aspects of life and work, nor halt ongoing fights for farmland, jobs, housing, education, and health care for all.

"When we, as one people, act together decisively, with discipline and determination," says Mandela, "nothing can stop us."

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